2016: Congress 2015

This issue was edited by Jon Saklofske, Susan Brown and Padmini Ray Murray


2015: Global Outlook::Digital Humanities: Global Digital Humanities Essay Prize

This competition is for research papers looking at some aspect of the national, regional, or international practice of the Digital Humanities. Within this broad subject, participants may choose their own approach: focussing in individual problems or projects (e.g. some specific scholarly, preservation, or cultural heritage issue), or broader philosophical, geographical, sociological, political, or other discussion of the practice of Digital Humanities in a global context.

This issue has been guest edited by Alix Gil, Titilola Babalola, and Daniel Paul O'Donnell.


New Fronts in the Copyfight: Multidisciplinary Directions in Critical Copyright Studies

A special series of refereed research articles in critical studies of copyright and intellectual property, focusing on the digital milieu. Guest edited by Mark A. McCutcheon.

2014: CSDH/SDCN 2013 Conference Proceedings

A selection of articles from the 2013 CSDH/SCHN conference at the University of Victoria, June 5-8; compiled by special guest editors Michael Sinatra and Christine McWebb.


2012: SDH-SEMI 2012 Conference Proceedings

A selection of articles from the 2012 SDH-SEMI conference at the University Waterloo, May 28-30; Edited by Brent Nelson with the assistance of Aimée Morrison and Daniel Paul O'Donnell.

Vol 3, No 1 (2012): Open Issue, Spring 2012 (Rolling Release)

DS/CN releases articles as they are ready for publication. Additional articles and reviews for this issue are in preparation.


Vol 2, No 2 (2011): SDH-SEMI 2009 Conference Proceedings

Articles from the 2009 SDH-SEMI conference at Carleton University, Ottawa, May 25-27; compiled by special guest editor Richard Cunningham.

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