Vol 1, No 2 (2009)

The Computer and Canadian Scholarship: Recent Trends in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Table of Contents


Transitions: A Prologue and Preview for Digital Humanities Research in Canada HTML
John Bonnett, Kevin Kee


Rethinking Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Lessons from the Montréal l’avenir du passé (MAP) Project. HTML
Robert C. H. Sweeny
The Canadian Century Research Infrastructure: Enabling Humanities and Social Science Research in the Digital Age HTML
Anthony Di Mascio, Adam J. Green
Behaviour Space: Simulating Roman Social Life and Civil Violence HTML
Shawn Graham
After the Interview: The Interpretive Challenges of Oral History Video Indexing HTML
Steve High, David Sworn
L'histoire, le patrimoine et le public : la diffusion de l'histoire grâce aux inventaires numériques disponibles sur le Web HTML
Léon Robichaud
"Fawcett": A Toolkit to Begin an Historical Semantic Web HTML
Bruce G. Robertson
Arts et littératures hypermédiatiques: éléments pour une valorisation de la culture de l’écran HTML
Bertrand Gervais
Interrupting Processes of Inquiry: Teaching and Learning with Social Media in Higher Education HTML
Teresa Dobson, Vetta Vratulis
‘Buried Beneath the Waves’: Using GIS to Examine the Physical and Social Impact of a Historical Flood HTML
Mathew Novak, Jason Gilliland
Codex Ultor: Toward a Conceptual and Theoretical Foundation for New Research on Books and Knowledge Environments HTML
Ray Siemens, Claire Warwick, Richard Cunningham, Teresa Dobson, Alan Galey, Stan Ruecker, Susan Schreibman, and the INKE Team.
High-Performance Computing: An Agenda for the Social Sciences and the Humanities in Canada HTML
John Bonnett

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