Vol 3, No 1 (2012)

Open Issue, Spring 2012 (Rolling Release)

DS/CN releases articles as they are ready for publication. Additional articles and reviews for this issue are in preparation.

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CARCAT: Computer-Assisted Reading and Conceptual Analysis: HTML
Jean Danis, Jean-Guy Meunier
Electronic Scholarly Editing in the University Classroom: an Approach to Project-based Learning HTML
Joel E. Salt, Allison Muri, Ronald Wayne Cooley
Modular Design, Lateral Project Development, and the Sharing of Work: Lessons from the Edward Winslow Family Papers and the Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives HTML
Corey Slumkoski
Before the Beginning: The Formation of Humanities Computing as a Discipline in Canada HTML
Sean Gouglas, Geoffrey Rockwell, Victoria Smith, Sophia Hoosein, Harvey Quamen


Ramsay, Stephen. Reading Machines: Toward an Algorithmic Criticism (Illinois UP, 2011). ISBN 0252078209 HTML
Matt Schneider
Stan Ruecker, Milena Radzikowska and Stéfan Sinclair. Visual Interface Design for Cultural Heritage: a Guide to Rich-Prospect Browsing. Burlington, VT: Ashgate. 2011. ISBN 9781409404224 (hardcover), 9781409404231 (e-book) HTML
Charles-Antoine Julien

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