CSDH/SDCN 2013 Conference Proceedings

A selection of articles from the 2013 CSDH/SCHN conference at the University of Victoria, June 5-8; compiled by special guest editors Michael Sinatra and Christine McWebb.

Table of Contents


Investigative Tagging: Modelling the Early Modern Cabinet of Curiosities HTML
Brent Nelson
Considering The Waste Land for iPad and Weird Fiction as models for the public digital edition HTML
Alyssa Arbuckle
Every Track You Take: Analysing the Dynamics of Song and Genre Reception Through Music Downloading HTML
Matthew Woolhouse, James Renwick, Dan Tidhar
"To think a world without thought": Negotiating Speculative Realism in a Digital Humanities Practice HTML
Aaron Mauro
The House of the Future: Mediating Open Enclosures HTML
Sarah Thorne
The Digital Humanities and Digital Literacy: Understanding the Digital Culture in Nigeria HTML
Titilola Lucy Babalola
Flipped Marking and Plagiarism Avoidance in a Digital Age: Rethinking marking as a scholarly community development tool HTML
Jamie Paris
Assessing Serious Games: The GRAND Assessment Framework HTML
Domini Gee, Man-Wai Chu, Simeon Blimke, Geoffrey Rockwell, Sean Gouglas, David Holmes, Shannon Lucky

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