Digital Humanities without Borders (Congress 2014)

Table of Contents


NewRadial: Challenging scales and standards of humanities scholarship through new knowledge environment prototypes HTML
Jon Saklofske, the INKE Research Team
Generalizing case-based analyses in the study of global music consumption HTML
Matthew Woolhouse, James Renwick
From Taste of Home to Bullipedia: collaboration, motivations and trust HTML
Antonio Jimenez-Mavillard, Juan Luis Suarez
Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada: Representing the Dyke Dynamo HTML
Michelle Schwartz, Constance Crompton
Asymmetric Digital Collaboration and Collective Authorship: On Digital Genres and Writing Processes for CanLit Guides HTML
Mike Borkent, Jamie Paris
The Rise and Fall Tool-Related Topics in CHum HTML
John Simpson, Geoffrey Rockwell, Amy Dyrbye, Ryan Chartier
Mouvement et relations intermédiales, du numérique au texte littéraire HTML
Élisabeth Routhier
Communities of Practice, the Methodological Commons, and Digital Self-Determination in the Humanities HTML
Ray Siemens (Founding Editor, Editor 2008-2010)
Visualization as experience HTML
Tomoko Ichikawa
The “In-between” of What? Intermedial Perspectives on the Concept of Borders/Boundaries HTML
Jean-Marc Larrue Larrue

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