Volume 6 (2015-2016) Beyond Accessibility: Textual Studies in the Twenty-First Century

A subsidium volume of Digital Studies edited by Brent Nelson and Richard Cunningham.

Table of Contents


Will our children have the chance to do research on today’s digital books? HTML
Christoph Bläsi
Digital editing as autopoietic process HTML
Jon deTombe
Beyond the Great Divide: New explorations in editing the Complete Works of Dutch Novelist Willem Frederik Hermans HTML
Peter Kegel
Social editions, social editing, social texts HTML
Peter Robinson
Designed for the digital reader: The textual traditions in, of, and behind NewRadial, the dynamic table of contexts and Bubblelines HTML
Scott Schofield, INKE Research Group
The textual habitat: The development of new knowledge environments HTML
Brent Nelson, INKE Research Group
Appeal to the public: Lessons from the early history of the Oxford English Dictionary HTML
Yin Liu
ModLabs HTML
Dean Irvine
Beyond GIS: On mapping early modern narratives and the chronotope HTML
Allison Muri
Evaluating digital remediations of women's manuscripts HTML
Laura Estill, Michelle Levy
At the crossroads: Book history meets digital humanities HTML
Sydney J. Shep
Scholarly editions in print and on the screen: A theoretical comparison HTML
Daniel Sondheim, Geoffrey Rockwell, Stan Ruecker, Mihaela Ilovan, Luciano Frizzera, Jennifer Windsor
Feeding our reading machines: From the typographic page to the docuverse HTML
Adriaan van der Weel
Beyond accessibility: Using Shared Canvas in digital facsimile editions HTML
James Smith, Raffaele Viglianti


Introduction HTML
Brent Nelson, Richard Cunningham

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