COVID delays (Fall 2021)

COVID delays (Fall 2021)

Posted by OLH Janeway on 2021-09-24

Digital Studies/Le champ numérique is published in Alberta, a jurisdiction that has been hit particularly hard during the summer-fall 2021 COVID "fourth wave."

The situation has been particularly stressful in the University sector, where "return-to-campus" plans have changed significantly from week-to-week over several months.

Our back office staff have been working as hard and efficiently as possible under the circumstances, but the toll in terms of stress, illness, and delays has been unavoidable and we have fallen significantly behind our planned production schedule as a result. While we were able to maintain close-to-normal production schedules and volume through the first three waves, the fourth has proven much more challenging.

We will be contacting individual authors over the next several weeks in order to discuss where we are with their articles and provide our best estimate of time-to-publication. We apologise profoundly for the delays that have arisen with their work as a result of this crisis.