About Digital Studies / Le champ numérique

Digital Studies / Le champ numérique is a refereed academic journal that serves as an Open Access area for formal scholarly activity and as a resource for researchers in the Digital Humanities. It is published for the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations under the direction of the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities/Société canadienne des humanités numériques (CSDH/SCHN) by the Open Library of the Humanities.

Submissions to DSCN focus on the intersection of technology and humanities research. Articles on the application of technology to cultural, historical, and social problems, on the societal and institutional context of such applications, and the history and development of the field of Digital Humanities. Submissions focussing on issues of the practice of the Digital Humanities in a global, multi-cultural, or multi-lingual context are particularly encouraged.

As a rule, submissions to DSCN should be of generalisable import: project reports and technical notes are welcome when they discuss significant milestones in the history and development of the field or are clearly extensible. DSCN rarely publishes criticism of digital objects (e.g. game criticism, literary criticism of electronic art or literature); it does so primarily in the context of special issues.

Digital Studies / Le champ numérique is a Gold Open Access refereed journal. Articles published with DSCN are compliant with most national and institutional Open Access mandates including the Research Council UK (RCUK) Open Access Mandate (required by the HEFC for the post-2014 REF) and the Canadian Draft Tri-Agency Open Access Policy.

All articles published by DSCN are published under a Creative Commons 4.0 CC-BY licence (required for compatibility with the RCUK mandate, but not offered by many journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences). This means that authors and institutions may also freely republish their work in their own institutional repositories or personal webpages ("Green Open Access").