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This is the second of two issues marking the return of Digital Studies/Le champ numérique after a major change in editorial offices.


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This is the second issue of Digital Studies/Le champ numérique to follow a year-long hiatus in publication due to changes in the journal's editorial board and a move in its editorial offices from the University of Victoria to the University of Lethbridge.

As noted last issue, one result of this transition was that our authors endured a longer-than-anticipated time-to-publication. We are deeply grateful to them for their patience with us as we have built the new office.

A second result is that we must acknowledge a division in the intellectual and managerial credit for this and the previous issue. Submissions to this and the previous issue were accepted under the leadership of the journal's founding editors, Ray Siemens and Christian Vanderthorpe, my current co-editor, Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Associate Editor, Dominic Forest, and our former Associate Editors Jeff Smith and Kirsten Uszkalo. For this issue, which contains papers read at meetings of the Society for the Digital Humanities/Société pour l'étude des médias interactifs (SDH/SEMI), primary responsibility for the selection of articles has rested with Guest Editor Richard Cuningham of Acadia University. Managerial responsibility for the production of both issues, on the other hand, has rested largely in my hands and those of our new managing editor, Camille Fairbanks, and our current and former Associate Editors Dominic Forest, Jeff Smith, and Kirsten Uszkalo.

We would again like to express our thanks to our authors and the current and former members of the editorial team for their hard work in providing us with the high-quality refereed material you are now reading. With our third issue, which will include the first articles submitted since the move of the journal offices to Lethbridge, well under way, we hope to continue this strong legacy.

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