Colonial and Nineteenth-Century Latin American Studies and Digital Public Humanities

Clayton McCarl, Emma Slayton, Carolina Alzate, George Aaron Broadwell, Xóchitl Flores-Marcial, Brook Danielle Lillehaugen, Felipe H. Lopez, Siobhan Meï, May Helena Plumb, Ernesto Priani Saisó and Jonathan Michael Square

2023-12-05 Volume 13 • Issue 3 • 2023 • DH Unbound 2022, Selected Papers.

Distant Reading Two Decades On: Reflections on the Digital Turn in the Study of Literature

Antonija Primorac, Rosario Arias, Roxana Patras, Eva Eglāja-Kristsone, Karina van Dalen-Oskam, Berenike Herrmann, Christof Schöch and Pieter François

2023-10-25 Volume 13 • Issue 1 • 2023 • Digital Studies/le champ numérique (DSCN) Open Issue 2023

Land Grab CT: Leveraging Branding Principles as Design and Publishing Tools

Garrett McComas, Brooke Foti Gemmell and Carly Wanner-Hyde