DH Unbound 2022, Selected Papers.

This volume includes papers from DH Unbound 2022 conference, co-organized by ACH, CSDH/SCHN, and Humanistica. The volume includes papers in English, French, and Spanish presenting diverse perspectives on both established and emergent digital humanities matters.

Editors: Barbara Bordalejo (Guest Editor), Roopika Risam (Guest Editor), Emmanuel Château-Dutier (Guest Editor)


Testimonios en cursos multilingües de humanidades digitales transfronterizas y transnacionales.

Sylvia Fernández Quintanilla, Maira Elizabeth Alvarez, Hipatia Medina-Ágreda, Ángel M Rañales, Fernando Santos, Luisa Garcés and Claudia Salas-Forero

2024-05-11 DH Unbound 2022, Selected Papers.

Jugaad CoLab: Decolonial Poetics, Minimal Computing, and South Asian Digital Humanities

Rohan Chauhan, Agniv Ghosh, Zahra Rizvi, Saniya Irfan, Steven S George, Abdul Rehman, Vikalp Kumar and A. Sean Pue

2023-12-20 DH Unbound 2022, Selected Papers.

Colonial and Nineteenth-Century Latin American Studies and Digital Public Humanities

Clayton McCarl, Emma Slayton, Carolina Alzate, George Aaron Broadwell, Xóchitl Flores-Marcial, Brook Danielle Lillehaugen, Felipe H. Lopez, Siobhan Meï, May Helena Plumb, Ernesto Priani Saisó and Jonathan Michael Square

2023-12-06 DH Unbound 2022, Selected Papers.

Archival Inversions: Rethinking Knowledge Infrastructures through the CUNY Distance Learning Archive

Zachary Muhlbauer, Stefano Morello, Travis Bartley, Nicole Cote and Matthew K. Gold

2023-10-25 DH Unbound 2022, Selected Papers.

Centring Multilingual Users: Thinking through UX Personas in the DH Community

Alíz Horváth, Cornelis van Lit, Cosima Wagner and David Joseph Wrisley

2024-02-14 DH Unbound 2022, Selected Papers.

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